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Dum A likes to say they do yoga, but they usually just end up drinking on the couch, in yoga pants.
By the glut of novelty items desribing exactly that, it seems to be a common lifestyle choice.

Case in point. Namast'ay drunk. Y'all go ahead and do your streches.

Great way to ensure bitches don't get too close to your yoga mat. Consider it a warning.

My yoga pant wearin' + wine drinkin' glass.

Relaxation by any means necessary. We like all kinds of yoga: physcial, liquid, and pill form.

A shirt for every day of the week.

When even the couch feels like too much of an effort.

Every yoga household needs one.

For the yoga cat lady in your life.

So many ways to say it.

Awwww it's a dog doing downward dog...

Make 'em fall out of their headstands with this one.

For the yoga lover who has everything.


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