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Where are we going? And why are we in this handbasket?!

Sarah Palin Commemorative Knife

Go rogue. In lipstick.

Ronald Reagan Socks

Take them off and see what trickled down.

The Grin Will Win Tee

Go nuts for friendly politics!

[Real Amazon Listing Title] The Most Realistic & Best Look-Alike, Full-Head Adult Size Orange

Comes with free American flag sticker. WARNING: LATEX. WARNING: MAY GRAB

Barack Obama Scented Body Oil

Catch a whiff of the good ol' days.

I Miss Bill Clinton Bumper Sticker

Remember when all we talked about in politics was blow jobs? We miss the Golden Age of #Murca too.

Hillary Clinton Statement Socks

Statement socks are like pantsuits for dudes.

'84 Election Tee

So they lost. But imagine what the world would be like now if we'd had the first female Vice President back then.

Bernie Sanders Chia Pet

Grow the Revolution, again and again.


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