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Dum B is a personal assistant by day, and their hedge fund manager boss directed them to buy approximately $5600 of supplies, ranging from dust masks to unicorn onesies, so he could take part in the gentrification of Burning Man.
The shopping list is now yours.

Perfect way to stand out to your friends in a sea of other people also wearing LED clothing and on a lot of drugs.

Is that an elephant trunk or are you happy to see me? Gives new meaning to the phrase "junk in the trunk..."

Youuuuuuu Light up My Bike....come on, Crystal Gayle? 1979?

Kind of offensive for various reasons...but a must-have in the LA yoga/Burning Man/spiritual community! Come on, Gangstas!!! Show that rival yoga studio who's boss...

The men's Harem Pant. A picture is worth a thousand words...

Fancy hat for fancy dress.

Colorful mystical headwraps are all the rage on the Playa!

Dum B owns some of these and wears them on the beach to walk in the waves. Turns out they're not only for rainy days and Mondays.

Make those ravers see trails with your shiny sequin hoodie!

This glow in the dark faux fur jacket is reminiscent of the actual glow in the dark animal it's modeled after.

Taken from the very rare faux green flourescent fox, native to areas with a high rate of psychedelic drug use.

Haven't picked up your rainbow mohawk wig + goggles set yet? Don't worry -- we've got you covered.

Because who *doesn't* need a Spiral Horned Half Face Demon Goat Mask?

You know you need glow in the dark shoelaces. How else will you find your feet?

Entertain your tripping friends for hours.

Yeah, it's a steampunk cat. What of it?

Always a big hit with the ladies.

Weighing in at 100% polyester, this business suit for playtime is both cozy and versatile. Great for bad body image days, and for signalling you are the magic ingredient in a Lifestyle sandwich. (See: "unicorn" on the Urban Dictionary) Great for a spontaneous dance party, or to take the edge off a GoT binge session. Just don't go anywhere near an open flame. (See: polyester+fire)


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