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Do they work? Not work? Who knows. But they sure are fun to look at.

Do'Terra Essential Oil Diamond Kit

A $3,000 hospital in a box. Made of oil.

Home or Commercial HVAC Fragrance Diffuser that connects to your air conditioner

When the tabletop aroma diffuser just isn't enough.

Catnip essential oil

For your cat's diffuser.

Peppermint Essential Oil 100% Pure 1 Gallon (8lbs)

Fresh breath for life.

Young Living Essential Oil Starter Kit

If the $3,000 Do'Terra kit is the hospital, this $427 kit is more like the Urgent Care Center.

Natural Health Remedies: An A-Z Family Guide

This book will be your go-to resource for all medical issues. Keep it by the phone so you can tell the doctor what didn't work, when you eventually call to make an appointment.

Himalayan Institute Press Neti Pot Starter Kit

Here's a $500 Neti Pot, used for running water through one nostril and out the other. In case you're wondering, the $5.99 plastic version gets the job done.

$65 Himalayan Chandra Neti Pot Salt

Also known as salt.

5 gallons of castor oil

Wooooooweeeee that's a lotta poop.


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