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All the fixes for problems you didn't know you had.

Gray Hair Rescind Capsules

Bye bye gray hair! Who knew it was so easy to make your hair go back to its original color?!

Haircut Pro Bumblebee Vacuum Haircutter

Finally some market competition for the Flowbee.

Genuine FlowBee

Clean your floors and cut your hair, thank goodness someone found a way to combine these two tedius activites.

Split Ends Trimmer Hot Vibrating Razor

A hot, vibrating razor -- what could possibly go wrong?

$1,999 Lazer Hairgrowth Hat

Accompanying bridge sold separately.

Pibbs Speedy 2000 Hair Processor

This product claims to accelerate the process of dying your hair at home. For $1,900, we'll wait the full 30 minutes.

Hair Bonnet Dryer Attachment

I mean....can you say cuteness overload?


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