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All the fixes for problems you didn't know you had.


Dum B bought one of these but they have yet to use it on their scars because it's literally a roller with hundreds of needles sticking out of it.

Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Pads

Use this to intentionally make the skin on your feet peel off in one big sheet?? Callouses never sounded so ok.

Flatulence Deodorizer pads

We don't know what's worse -- that a fart-deordorizer pad exists, or that it's reusable.

Pinky Queen Night Pack Nipple Whitening

Just in case you thought there was even one area on your body that didn't need to be corrected, reduced, whitened, or improved upon.

Belo Underarm Whitening Set

Oh wait - we found one more thing you didn't realize was wrong with your body.

Light and Bright Anal Bleaching Cream

Make that two more things.

Silicone Rubber Face Slimmer

For slimming your face. Also an integral part of your Blow Up Sex Doll Halloween costume...

Facial Expander

Slim face isn't your problem. Here, try this facial expander. Also makes a nice holiday gift for the gimp in your basement.

Nose Straightner

Who needs a surgeon when you can straighten it on your own for $27.99?

Cuchini Camel Toe Pad

For a crotch as smooth as Barbie's.

Stylish Facekini Face Mask Swimming Cap

To continue with our series of horrifying mask-like products. Wear this to the pool. Or to the beach. Or to rob a bank.


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